Vaastu Shastra is something which will ensure that you live in harmony with nature taking advantage of the five basic elements of nature which are water, fire, air, earth, and space and receiving the blessing of the Gods of the directions.

When you get your interiors designed as per the ideal vastu, be it in terms placement of furniture, accessories, lighting it is believed that it would together open the doors of your prosperity, health, wealth and overall happiness.

You may know that every room has their eight directions. So you must design the rooms in such a manner that internally it should follow the rules of Vaastu Shastra.

Vastu shastra and interior decor

Vastu provides some guidelines for interior decoration of the house. Comprehension of zones of your home is important while doing interior of home. Zones are divided into two categories like negative and positive zones.

As per Vastu Shastra you should keep positive zones light as compared to negative zones. Going by it, heavy furniture and objects should be placed in negative zones whereas light furniture can be placed in positive zones. These are some of the basics you should be aware of while you have the interiors of your home, commercial complex or office space done.